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Saville, Julia F. - Victorian Soul-Talk, ebook

Victorian Soul-Talk

Saville, Julia F.


Transnational Republican and Feminist: The Political Ethics of Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s Soul Poetics
Julia F. Saville
3. “Citizen Clough,” the “Soul’s Own Soul,” and the Dangers of Complying
Julia F.

Streete, Adrian - Early Modern Drama and the Bible, ebook

Early Modern Drama and the Bible

Streete, Adrian


Political Theology, the Bible and Drama
5. Political Theology in George Buchanan’s Baptistes
Dermot Cavanagh
6. The Ethics of Pardoning in Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure
Paul Cefalu
7. Punishing Perjury

Radhakrishnan, R. - Theory in an Uneven World, ebook

Theory in an Uneven World

Radhakrishnan, R.


Proposes that theory bear the burden of unevenness even as it seeks a way out of it - neither captive to the world as it is, nor naively credulous of visions of the world as it should be, theory argues for an ethics of persuasion that is firmly rooted in political

Falke, Cassandra - Intersections in Christianity and Critical Theory, ebook

Intersections in Christianity and Critical Theory

Falke, Cassandra


Good Reading: The Ethics of Christian Literary Theory
Cassandra Falke
6. Sites of Resistance: Christ and Materiality after the New Historicism
Mitchell M. Harris
7. Post-Secular Queer: Christianity, Queer Theory, and the Unsolvable Mysteries of Sexual

Dow, Gillian - Uses of Austen, ebook

Uses of Austen

Dow, Gillian


The Ethics of Geography: Women as Readers and Dancers in Gurinder Chadha’s Bride and Prejudice (2004)
Stephanie Jones
11. ‘Bin Laden a Huge Jane Austen Fan’: Jane Austen in Contemporary Political Discourse
Mary Ann O’Farrell
12. What Would Jane