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Walezak, Emilie - Rose Tremain, ebook

Rose Tremain

Walezak, Emilie


Seventeenth-Century Panorama: The Function of History in Restoration
Emilie Walezak
6. Mindscapes as Landscapes: Journeys of the Self in Sacred Country and The Way I Found Her
Emilie Walezak
7. Historical ‘Terrains’: Music and Silence

Gregory, Rosalyn - Utopian Spaces of Modernism, ebook

Utopian Spaces of Modernism

Gregory, Rosalyn


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Benjamin Kohlmann
Part I. Ambiguous Utopianism
2. Socially Empty Space and Dystopian Utopianism in the Late Nineteenth Century
Matthew Beaumont
3. ‘On the Eve of the Fourth Dimension’: Utopian Higher Space
Mark Blacklock
4. Modernism’s Material Futures: Glass,