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Ray, Sangeeta - A Companion to Postcolonial Studies, ebook

A Companion to Postcolonial Studies

Ray, Sangeeta


Ranges widely over the major themes, regions, theories and practices of postcolonial study
Presents original essays by the leading proponents of postcolonial study in the Americas, Europe, India, Africa, East and West Asia
Provides clear introductions to the major social and political movements underlying

Rabat?, Jean-Michel - A Handbook of Modernism Studies, ebook

A Handbook of Modernism Studies

Rabat?, Jean-Michel


Featuring the latest research findings and exploring the fascinating interplay of modernist authors and intellectual luminaries, from Beckett and Kafka to Derrida and Adorno, this bold new collection of essays gives students a deeper grasp of key texts in modernist literature.Provides a

Kingstone, Helen - Victorian Narratives of the Recent Past, ebook

Victorian Narratives of the Recent Past

Kingstone, Helen


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Who’s Afraid of Contemporary History?
Helen Kingstone
Part I. A Conceptual Framework
2. History as a Temporal Continuum: From Walter Scott to William Stubbs
Helen Kingstone
3. The Social Continuum:…

McCarthy, Peter - Writing Diaspora in the West, ebook

Writing Diaspora in the West

McCarthy, Peter


Table of contents
1. First Person Reflection: Origins of the Marginal Disposition
Peter McCarthy
2. Of Home and Hearth: Maps, Histories and Territorial Claims
Peter McCarthy
3. The Subject Missing: Erasure and the Reflexive Margin

Amberson, Deborah - Thinking Italian Animals, ebook

Thinking Italian Animals

Amberson, Deborah


Table of contents
1. Introduction
1. Introduction
Deborah Amberson, Elena Past
Part 1. Ontologies and Thresholds
2. Confronting the Specter of Animality
Deborah Amberson
3. Cesare Pavese, Posthumanism, and the Maternal Symbolic

Belfiore, Eleonora - The Social Impact of the Arts, ebook

The Social Impact of the Arts

Belfiore, Eleonora


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Eleonora Belfiore, Oliver Bennett
2. Towards a New Approach to Researching the Social Impacts of the Arts
Eleonora Belfiore, Oliver Bennett
3. Corruption and Distraction
Eleonora Belfiore, Oliver…