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Thurston, Michael - Reading Postwar British and Irish Poetry, ebook

Reading Postwar British and Irish Poetry

Thurston, Michael


           Features detailed discussions of individual poems that are widely available in anthologies and selected poems volumesPays explicit attention to how to read the poems, focusing on language and form and the institutional

Levander, Caroline F. - A Companion to American Literary Studies, ebook

A Companion to American Literary Studies

Levander, Caroline F.


Offers up-to-date accounts of major new critical approaches to American literary studies Presents state-of-the-art essays on a full range of topics central to the fieldEssays explore critical and institutional genealogies of the field, increasingly diverse conceptions

Perlongher, Néstor - Plebeian Prose, ebook

Plebeian Prose

Perlongher, Néstor


A thinker of the streets with a keen interest in those on the margins of society, the ideas that are developed in this book offer a lucid critique of capitalism and institutional power. Perlongher’s approach also reflects a particular Latin American neo-baroque style,

Coleman, Philip - George Saunders, ebook

George Saunders

Coleman, Philip


Hanging by a Thread in the Homeland: The Four Institutional Monologues of George Saunders
Richard E. Lee
6. Biopolitical Dystopias, Bureaucratic Carnivores, Synthetic Primitives: “Pastoralia” as Human Zoo
David Huebert
7. Ghosts and Theme Parks: