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Johnson, Allan - Alan Hollinghurst and the Vitality of Influence, ebook

Alan Hollinghurst and the Vitality of Influence

Johnson, Allan


Sun-Worship and the Idolatry of Images: Derek Jarman, Philip Glass, and The Swimming-Pool Library
Allan Johnson
4. The Poets of Our Time: Lateness and Pedagogical Influence in The Folding Star
Allan Johnson
5. Almost Always: Influence, Ecstasy, and

Pasco, Allan H. - Balzac, Literary Sociologist, ebook

Balzac, Literary Sociologist

Pasco, Allan H.


Through the Glass Darkly: Ursule Mirouët
Allan H. Pasco
3. A “Divine” Comedy: Eugénie Grandet
Allan H. Pasco
4. The Gerontocracy and Youth: Pierrette
Allan H. Pasco
5. The Tangible and the Intangible: Le Curé de Tours
Allan H.

Cohen, Adam Max - Technology and the Early Modern Self, ebook

Technology and the Early Modern Self

Cohen, Adam Max


A New “Perspective Glass”: Telescopic Discoveries of Universal Uniformity
Adam Max Cohen
9. “To see a World in a Grain of Sand”: Microscopic Perspectives on Subvisible Wonders
Adam Max Cohen
10. Afterword: Reconsiderations and Prospects

Christie, William - Dylan Thomas, ebook

Dylan Thomas

Christie, William


‘Radio’s a Building in the Air’: Lord Cut-Glass, Poet of the Airwaves
William Christie
9. ‘My Seashaken House on a Breakneck of Rocks’: The Road to Laugharne
William Christie
10. ‘O My America! My New-Found-Land’: The Poet on Tour