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Geric, Michelle - Tennyson and Geology, ebook

Tennyson and Geology

Geric, Michelle


Ida’s Footprint in the Sand: The Princess, Geology and the Extinction of Feminism
Michelle Geric
3. “Uniformitarian Arguments Are Negative Only”: Lyell and Whewell
Michelle Geric
4. In Memoriam’s Uniformitarian Poetics
Michelle Geric

Cockin, Katharine - The Literary North, ebook

The Literary North

Cockin, Katharine


Clog-dancers and Clay: Empathy, Geology and Geography in Arnold Bennett’s Clayhanger
Ruth Robbins
6. ‘Dirty Old Town’: The Ambivalent Northern City in Ewan MacColl’s Landscape with Chimneys
Claire Warden
7. ‘The North, My World’: W. H. Auden’s