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Bettridge, Joel - Reading as Belief, ebook

Reading as Belief

Bettridge, Joel


Table of contents
1. “No One to Drive the Car”
Joel Bettridge
2. A Brief History of Language Writing
Joel Bettridge
3. Faith, Belief, Poetics
Joel Bettridge
4. The (Calvinist) Spirit of Understanding
Joel Bettridge
5. Ghosts, Jokes, Shadowtime, and Faithful Interpretation
Joel Bettridge

Snaith, Anna - Locating Woolf: The Politics of Space and Place, ebook

Locating Woolf: The Politics of Space and Place

Snaith, Anna


‘Reflections in a Motor Car’: Virginia Woolf’s Phenomenological Relations of Time and Space
Leena Kore Schröder
9. Virginia Woolf and the Synapses of Radio
Jane Lewty
Part V. Transcultural Spaces
10. ‘Our Commitments to China’: Migration