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King, Jeannette - Discourses of Ageing in Fiction and Feminism, ebook

Discourses of Ageing in Fiction and Feminism

King, Jeannette


Spinsters, Widows and Mothers: Fictional Responses
Jeannette King
3. The Demented Other
Jeannette King
Part II. The 1960s and After
4. Second-wave Feminism: Sisterhood and ‘My Generation’
Jeannette King
5. ‘If the Old Could’: Bridging

Keating, Kenneth - Contemporary Irish Poetry and the Canon, ebook

Contemporary Irish Poetry and the Canon

Keating, Kenneth


Table of contents
1. Spectres of Irish Poetry
Kenneth Keating
2. Paul Muldoon’s Horse Latitudes: Absence, Interdependence and Death
Kenneth Keating
3. Source Texts and Authorial Identity in Medbh McGuckian’s “The Good Wife Taught her Daughter”
Kenneth Keating
4. Paul Durcan and the Death of

Shaw, Katy - Teaching 21st Century Genres, ebook

Teaching 21st Century Genres

Shaw, Katy


Other Mothers and Fathers: Teaching Contemporary Dystopian Fiction
Oliver Tearle
7. Pathways to Terror: Teaching 9/11 Fiction
Mark Eaton
Part Four. World Literature
8. Teaching Translit: An Unsettled and Unsettling Genre
Bianca Leggett