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Watson, Nicola J. - The Literary Tourist, ebook

The Literary Tourist

Watson, Nicola J.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Nicola J. Watson
Part I. Placing the Author
2. An Anthology of Corpses
Nicola J. Watson
3. Cradles of Genius
Nicola J. Watson
4. Homes and Haunts
Nicola J. Watson
Part II. Locating…

Frank, Svenja - 9/11 in European Literature, ebook

9/11 in European Literature

Frank, Svenja


Table of contents
1. Introduction: 9/11 in European Literature
Svenja Frank
Part I. September 11 Seen Through European Media and Semiotic Theory
2. 9/11: The Interpretation of Disaster as Disaster of Interpretation—An American Catastrophe Reflected in American and European Discourses
Rolf G. Renner