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Wright, Elizabeth - Psychoanalytic Criticism: A Reappraisal, ebook

Psychoanalytic Criticism: A Reappraisal

Wright, Elizabeth

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Adopting a critical perspective, Elizabeth Wright focuses on major figures and texts in psychoanalysis and in literary and art criticism: classical psychoanalysis; Jungian analytic psychology; objects-relations theory; French psychoanalysis; French anti-psychoanalysis;

Doan, Laura - Sapphic Modernities, ebook

Sapphic Modernities

Doan, Laura


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Laura Doan, Jane Garrity
Part 1. Sexual Geographies: Circulation and Mobility
2. The Sapphist in the City: Lesbian Modernist Paris and Sapphic Modernity
Joanne Winning
3. Romaine Brooks and the Future…