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Richter, David H. - Reading the Eighteenth-Century Novel, ebook

Reading the Eighteenth-Century Novel

Richter, David H.


A range of major works and authors are discussed along with important developments in the genre, and the impact of novels on society at the time.
The text begins with a discussion of the “rise of the novel” in the long eighteenth century and various theories

Kinney, Arthur F. - A Companion to Renaissance Drama, ebook

A Companion to Renaissance Drama

Kinney, Arthur F.


Gives readers facts and data along with up-to-date interpretation of the plays. Looks at the drama in terms of its cultural agency, its collaborative nature, and its ideological complexity.

Eagleton, Mary - A Concise Companion to Feminist Theory, ebook

A Concise Companion to Feminist Theory

Eagleton, Mary


Guides students along the cutting edge of current feminist theory. Suitable for students and scholars of all fields touched by feminist thought. Covers an exceptionally broad range of disciplines, discourses and feminist positions. Organised around concepts rather

Rawson, Beryl - A Companion to Families in the Greek and Roman Worlds, ebook

A Companion to Families in the Greek and Roman Worlds

Rawson, Beryl


Provides up-to-date research on family structure from archaeology, art, social, cultural, and economic history Includes contributions from established and rising international scholars Features illustrations of families, children, slaves, and ritual life, along with

Bloomer, W. Martin - A Companion to Ancient Education, ebook

A Companion to Ancient Education

Bloomer, W. Martin


Reflects the latest research findings and presents new historical syntheses of the rise, spread, and purposes of ancient education in ancient Greece and Rome Offers comprehensive coverage of the main periods, crises, and developments of ancient education along with

Mandell, Laura - Breaking the Book: Print Humanities in the Digital Age, ebook

Breaking the Book: Print Humanities in the Digital Age

Mandell, Laura


Breaking the Book compares and contrasts the print with the digital revolution, emphasizing that those with one foot in manuscript and coterie print cultures have much to reveal to those of us who straddle mass print and new media.
Along with altering our notions of what constitutes a ‘book,’ the transformation of the

Schwarz, Daniel R. - Reading the European Novel to 1900, ebook

Reading the European Novel to 1900

Schwarz, Daniel R.


Offers a close reading of individual texts with attention to their cultural and canonical contextExamines the history and evolution of the novel to 1900 and defines each author’s aesthetic, cultural, political, and historical significanceCovers essential and frequently taught masterworks up to 1900, including Cervantes’

Grossman, Marshall - The Seventeenth - Century Literature Handbook, ebook

The Seventeenth - Century Literature Handbook

Grossman, Marshall


The Seventeenth Century Handbook provides the undergraduate with a succinct account of the century’s events, along with an exploration of the ways the literature reflected and helped shape the history of the time. Provides a coherent narrative of the entire century of literary history

Baldwin, Stanley P. - CliffsNotes<sup><small>TM</small></sup> on Homer's The Odyssey, ebook

CliffsNotesTM on Homer's The Odyssey

Baldwin, Stanley P.


In CliffsNotes on The Odyssey, you follow along on Homer's grand adventure. This epic poem unfurls the story of Odysseus' triumph over Troy and arduous journey home to reclaim his kingdom. At 2,500 years old, it is one of the finest books ever written; as poetry,