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Felski, Rita - Uses of Literature, ebook

Uses of Literature

Felski, Rita


Uses of Literature bridges the gap between literary theory and common-sense beliefs about why we read literature.
Explores the diverse motives and mysteries of why we readOffers four different ways of thinking about why we read literature - for recognition,…

Benton, Michael - Literary Biography: An Introduction, ebook

Literary Biography: An Introduction

Benton, Michael


Literary Biography: An Introduction illustrates and accounts for the literary genre that merges historical facts with the conventions of narrative while revealing how the biographical context can enrich the study of canonical authors.  Provides up-to-date…

English, James F. - The Global Future of English Studies, ebook

The Global Future of English Studies

English, James F.


The Global Future of English Studiespresents a succinct, carefully documented assessment of the current state and future trajectory of English studies around the world.Compiles data on student enrollments, faculty hiring, and financing in English studies…

Blamberger, Günter - Kleist-Jahrbuch 2016, ebook

Kleist-Jahrbuch 2016

Blamberger, Günter


Table of contents
1. Wie aus einem I-A ein ja wird
Günter Blamberger
2. Die honigprotokollanten
Heinrich Detering
3. »Helden und köter und fraun«
Monika Rinck
4. Den unbeschreibbaren beschreiben
Andrea Bartl
5. Othering…

Gfrereis, Heike - Literatur, ebook


Gfrereis, Heike


Table of contents
1. A
Heike Gfrereis
2. B
Heike Gfrereis
3. C
Heike Gfrereis
4. D
Heike Gfrereis
5. E
Heike Gfrereis
6. F
Heike Gfrereis
7. G
Heike Gfrereis
8. H
Heike Gfrereis
9. I

Ludwig, Ariane - Johann Wolfgang Goethe Tagebücher, ebook

Johann Wolfgang Goethe Tagebücher

Ludwig, Ariane


Table of contents
1. Zum siebten Band
Edith Zehm, Sebastian Mangold, Ariane Ludwig
2. Editionsgrundsätze
Edith Zehm, Sebastian Mangold, Ariane Ludwig
3. Verzeichnis der Siglen, Zeichen und Abkürzungen in Text, Apparat und Kommentar