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Habermann, Ina - Shakespeare and Space, ebook

Shakespeare and Space

Habermann, Ina


Hybrid Spaces in Antony and Cleopatra
Elisabeth Bronfen
7. The Sea in Pericles
Bernhard Klein
Part II. Migrating Shakespeare, Migrating Hamlet
8. Universals in the Bush: The Case of Hamlet
Dominique Brancher
9. The German Hamlet: Ghostly

Teverson, Andrew - Postcolonial Spaces, ebook

Postcolonial Spaces

Teverson, Andrew


Gender and space in postcolonial fiction
Elizabeth Jackson
6. From hijab to sweatshops
Monica Germanà
7. Overlapping space and the negotiation of cultural identity
Shehrazade Emmambokus
8. Owning the city

Gregory, Rosalyn - Utopian Spaces of Modernism, ebook

Utopian Spaces of Modernism

Gregory, Rosalyn


Socially Empty Space and Dystopian Utopianism in the Late Nineteenth Century
Matthew Beaumont
3. ‘On the Eve of the Fourth Dimension’: Utopian Higher Space
Mark Blacklock
4. Modernism’s Material Futures: Glass, and Several Kinds of Plastic

George, Joseph - Postmodern Suburban Spaces, ebook

Postmodern Suburban Spaces

George, Joseph


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Nowhere to Now Here
Joseph George
2. Chapter 1: Against Fence Thinking: Welcoming the Racial Enemy
Joseph George
3. Chapter 2: My Home Is Your Home: Property, Propriety, and Neighbors
Joseph George

Davidson, Ian - Ideas of Space in Contemporary Poetry, ebook

Ideas of Space in Contemporary Poetry

Davidson, Ian


Aesthetics of Space: Cubism to Language Poetry
Ian Davidson
3. Spatial Theories and Poetic Practices
Ian Davidson
4. The Space Age: The 1950s to the 1970s
Ian Davidson
5. Histories of Selves: Space,

Duff, Kim - Contemporary British Literature and Urban Space, ebook

Contemporary British Literature and Urban Space

Duff, Kim


‘The Script That Has Been Eradicated from the Street’: Iain Sinclair’s Lights Out for the Territory, Julian Barnes’s England, England, and the Spaces of English Heritage
Kim Duff
3. ‘House Arrest’: Irvine Welsh’s Trainspotting, J.G. Ballard’s

Castro, Juan E. - The Spaces of Latin American Literature, ebook

The Spaces of Latin American Literature

Castro, Juan E.


Reading, Publishing, and Writing Networks: The Hispanophone and Latin American Literary Spaces in the Twenty-First Century
Juan E. Castro
7. The Movies of My Life; or, a Bridge to North America
Juan E. Castro
8. Epilogue: Latin America Beyond Latin

Hanna, Adam - Northern Irish Poetry and Domestic Space, ebook

Northern Irish Poetry and Domestic Space

Hanna, Adam


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Politicised Houses and Poets
Adam Hanna
2. Seamus Heaney: Neighbours and Strangers
Adam Hanna
3. Michael Longley’s Home Away from Home
Adam Hanna
4. Derek Mahon: Rented Home
Adam Hanna