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Stratton, Jon - Jewish Identity in Western Pop Culture, ebook

Jewish Identity in Western Pop Culture

Stratton, Jon


Producing the “Jewish Problem”: Othering the Jews and Homogenizing Europe
Jon Stratton
3. Life on the Edge: Liminality and the (European) Jews
Jon Stratton
4. It Almost Needn’t Have Been the Germans: The State, Colonial Violence, and the Holocaust

Lassner, Phyllis - Anglo-Jewish Women Writing the Holocaust, ebook

Anglo-Jewish Women Writing the Holocaust

Lassner, Phyllis


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Phyllis Lassner
2. Other People’s Houses: Remembering the Kindertransport
Phyllis Lassner
3. Karen Gershon: Stranger from the Kindertransport
Phyllis Lassner
4. Dramas of the Kindertransport…

Krummel, Miriamne Ara - Jews in Medieval England, ebook

Jews in Medieval England

Krummel, Miriamne Ara


Addressing Jewish Alterity in the Literature of Anglo-Saxon England
Shannon O. Ambrose
3. Englishness/Jewishness/Otherness: Teaching English National Identity
Merrall Llewelyn Price
4. The Historical Jew in the Modern Classroom: Problematizing the

Spector, Sheila A. - The Jews and British Romanticism, ebook

The Jews and British Romanticism

Spector, Sheila A.


Jewish Writers and British Culture
6. Following the Muse: Inspiration, Prophecy, and Deference in the Poetry of Emma Lyon (1788–1870), Anglo-Jewish Poet
Michael Scrivener
7. Identity, Diaspora, and the Secular Voice in the Works of Isaac D’Israeli

Spector, Sheila A. - British Romanticism and the Jews, ebook

British Romanticism and the Jews

Spector, Sheila A.


Great Britain or Judea Nova? National Identity, Property, and the Jewish Naturalization Controversy of 1753
Alan H. Singer
3. Abraham Goldsmid: Money Magician in the Popular Press
Mark L. Schoenfield
4. Halakhic Romanticism: Wordsworth, the Rabbis,

Zissos, Andrew - A Companion to the Flavian Age of Imperial Rome, ebook

A Companion to the Flavian Age of Imperial Rome

Zissos, Andrew


A Companion to the Flavian Age of Imperial Rome provides a systematic and comprehensive examination of the political, economic, social, and cultural nuances of the Flavian Age (69–96 CE).

Includes contributions from over two dozen Classical…