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Gutzwiller, Kathryn - A Guide to Hellenistic Literature, ebook

A Guide to Hellenistic Literature

Gutzwiller, Kathryn


This book is a guide to the extraordinarily diverse literature of the Hellenistic period.
A guide to the literature of the Hellenistic age, from the death of Alexander the Great in 323 BCE to the Battle of Actium in 31 BC Provides overviews of the social, political, intellectual and literary

Rogers, Jane  - Good Fiction Guide, ebook

Good Fiction Guide

Rogers, Jane


Covering everyone from Leo Tolstoy and Mark Twain to Don De Lillo and Lorrie Moore, Good Fiction Guide offers an informative reference work on novelists and their works, with an emphasis of twentieth-century fiction and popular classics, but with ample coverage of major novelists of the

Mitchell, Bruce - A Guide to Old English, ebook

A Guide to Old English

Mitchell, Bruce


A comprehensive introduction to Old English, combining simple, clear philology with the best literary works to provide a compelling and accessible beginners’ guide.Provides a comprehensive introduction to Old EnglishUses a practical approach suited…

Castle, Gregory - The Blackwell Guide to Literary Theory, ebook

The Blackwell Guide to Literary Theory

Castle, Gregory


This student-friendly text introduces students to the history and scope of literary theory, as well as showing them how to perform literary analysis.
Designed to be used alongside primary theoretical texts as an introduction to theory or alongside…

Hunter, David - Understanding French Verse : A Guide for Singers, ebook

Understanding French Verse : A Guide for Singers

Hunter, David


Why This Guide? 2. The Basics of the French Line 3. Common French Meters 4. Stanzas 5. Sonnets, rondels, and other fixed forms 6. Rhyme 7. Free verse Appendix 1. Commentaries on four poems Adieux de l'hotesse arabe Le colibri En sourdine Montparnasse Appendix