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Snelgrove, Kevin - The Car Quiz Book, ebook

The Car Quiz Book

Snelgrove, Kevin


If you drive for work or leisure you will undoubtedly have an interest in cars, but just how much do you know about the many different makes of vehicles, their designers and history? The Car Quiz Book has been compiled to test your knowledge of all aspects

Cowlin, Chris - The Porsche Quiz Book, ebook

The Porsche Quiz Book

Cowlin, Chris


Do you own a Porsche? Can you name the different models past and present? Are you familiar with the technology that goes into making these iconic cars? Or maybe you aspire to owning one? Whatever the reason for your interest, if Porsche is your car of

White, Marc - 101 Things You May Not Have Known About Motor Racing, ebook

101 Things You May Not Have Known About Motor Racing

White, Marc


Are you a fan of motor racing? Do you follow all the championships? Would you like to know more about the racing drivers that compete in this spectacular event and the cars they drive? If you answered yes to any of these questions you should never be without this handy motor racing reference

White, John DT - The Motor Racing Quiz Book, ebook

The Motor Racing Quiz Book

White, John DT


From the early days of Juan Manuel Fangio and Jackie Stewart to more recent personalities such as David Coulthard and Michael Schumacher, every decade is covered in this book, with questions on every conceivable Grand Prix, as well as teams, circuits, car manufacturers,

Freestone, Nigel - The Richard III Quiz Book, ebook

The Richard III Quiz Book

Freestone, Nigel


Did he really dispose of friends and relatives in order to seize the throne? How and where did Richard meet his end and did this signify the end of the House of York? In 2012, Richard III’s remains were unearthed from a car park in the city of Leicester. This book