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Dedekam, Ivar - Illustrated Seamanship, ebook

Illustrated Seamanship

Dedekam, Ivar


This book is a follow-up to the successful Sail & Rig Tuning and Illustrated Navigation covering knots, docking the boat and anchoring, all illustrated in Ivar Dedekam’s distinctive style and backed up with clear and simple text. These skills are imperative to

Armstrong, Lance - Tour De France For Dummies, ebook

Tour De France For Dummies

Armstrong, Lance


A plain-English guide to the world's most famous-and grueling-bicycle race
Featuring eight-pages of full-color photos from recent Tour de France races, this easy-to-follow, entertaining guide demystifies the history, strategy, rules, techniques, equipment, and competitors in what

McCord, Gary - Golf For Dummies, ebook

Golf For Dummies

McCord, Gary


  Whether you’re new to golf or a long-time duffer, this easy-to-follow guide will get you into the swing of things by helping you to:Master grip, stance, and swingFix common faultsImprove your puttingKnow the score on rules and etiquetteTake advantage of

Manley, Pat - Diesels Afloat, ebook

Diesels Afloat

Manley, Pat


The definitive manual on diesels – every yacht or motor boat should have one on board Heavily illustrated with approximately 400 colour photographs and diagrams Covers essential maintenance, troubleshooting and repair Easy to use step-by-step guide Follows

Mallozzi, Vincent - Doc: The Rise and Rise of Julius Erving, ebook

Doc: The Rise and Rise of Julius Erving

Mallozzi, Vincent


J's amazing story, following his basketball journey from his Long Island childhood to the street games of New York City to a college career as his skills, reputation, and character grew. It follows his entrance into the ABA, where

Cowlin, Chris - The Jenson Button Quiz Book, ebook

The Jenson Button Quiz Book

Cowlin, Chris


Did you watch British driver Jensen Button win the world championship title in 2009? Have you followed his Formula 1 career on the circuit? Would you like to know more about the popular McLaren driver? If so, you are certain to enjoy this fun and informative quiz book. Where in the UK was