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Steinberg, Michael - Choral Masterworks : A Listener's Guide, ebook

Choral Masterworks : A Listener's Guide

Steinberg, Michael


Steinberg spans the entire history of classical music, from such giants of the Romantic era as Verdi and Berlioz, to leading modern composers such as Elgar, Rachmaninoff, Vaughan Williams, and Stravinsky, to contemporary masters such as John Adams and Charles Wuorinen.

Manning, David - Vaughan Williams on Music, ebook

Vaughan Williams on Music

Manning, David


The Romantic Movement and its Results 2. A School of English Music 3. The Soporific Finale 4. Good Taste 5. A Sermon to Vocalists 6. Preface to The English Hymnal 7. Who Wants the English Composer? 8. British Music 9. Gervase Elwes 10. Introduction to English