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Snelgrove, Kevin - 101 Interesting Facts on The Eurovision Song Contest, ebook

101 Interesting Facts on The Eurovision Song Contest

Snelgrove, Kevin


Are you a fan of the Eurovision Song Contest? Do you follow all the pre-show build-up and eagerly tune in to watch the contest on television when the big night arrives? Can you remember all the past winners, and losers, who have provided so many golden Eurovision moments? If so, you won’t

Boorman, Stanley - Ottaviano Petrucci : A Catalogue Raisonne, ebook

Ottaviano Petrucci : A Catalogue Raisonne

Boorman, Stanley


He created the defining moment when Italy took the lead in book printing in the Renaissance. This book is a bibliographic study of the output of the Petrucci presses, laying emphasis on the professional career of Petrucci. It includes a detailed study of technique

Chafe, Eric Thomas - The Tragic and the Ecstatic, ebook

The Tragic and the Ecstatic

Chafe, Eric Thomas


Chafe acts as an expert guide, interpreting and illustrating most important moments for his reader. Ultimately, Chafe creates a critical account of Tristan, in which the drama is shown to develop through the music.

Boucher, David - The Political Art of Bob Dylan, ebook

The Political Art of Bob Dylan

Boucher, David


They address Dylan’s career as a whole, dealing with such themes as alienation, protest, non-conformity, the American Dream, modernity and postmodernism and pivotal moments of Dylan’s career such as the ‘Judas’ accusation at the 1966 Manchester Free Trade Hall