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Hesmondhalgh, David - Why Music Matters, ebook

Why Music Matters

Hesmondhalgh, David


In what ways might music enrich the lives of people and of societies? What prevents it from doing so? Why Music Matters explores the role of music in our lives, and investigates the social and political significance

Cowlin, Chris - The Katy Perry Quiz Book, ebook

The Katy Perry Quiz Book

Cowlin, Chris


Packed with information about all aspects of Katy’s life from her greatest hits, awards and nominations, tours and TV appearances as well as many personal details, The Katy Perry Quiz Book is guaranteed to get you thinking. This fitting tribute to the hugely successful

Cowlin, Chris - The Kesha Quiz Book, ebook

The Kesha Quiz Book

Cowlin, Chris


Are you a fan of American singer-songwriter Kesha? Do you enjoy her particular style of music and sing along to her songs? Are you one of the thousands who brought her albums and helped to turn Kesha into a popular, award-winning, contemporary artist? If you like Kesha and would like to