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Emeljanow, Victor - War and Theatrical Innovation, ebook

War and Theatrical Innovation

Emeljanow, Victor


The Greek Tragic Chorus and Its Training for War: Movement, Music and Harmony in Theatrical and Military Performance
Will Shüler
2. Cultural Camouflage: Acting Identities in World War 2 Espionage
Fraser Stevens
3. The Scenographer as Camoufleur

Lewis, Ingrid - Women in European Holocaust Films, ebook

Women in European Holocaust Films

Lewis, Ingrid


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Ingrid Lewis
Part I. Women and the Holocaust: The Silenced Gender?
2. The Silenced Gender Paradigm
Ingrid Lewis
3. Breaking the Silence on Women Perpetrators
Ingrid Lewis
4. Idealised or Ignored: Female Victims of the Holocaust
Ingrid Lewis
5. Invisible