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Chiei, Chris - Quonset Hut, ebook

Quonset Hut

Chiei, Chris


War, Design, and Weapons of Mass Construction
Brian Carter
4. After the War: Quonset Huts and Their Integration Into Daily American Life
Tom Vanderbilt
5. The Huts That Wouldn’t Go Away: Alaska Adopts the Hut
Chris Chiei
6. Quonsets Today:

Cohen, Adam Max - Shakespeare and Technology, ebook

Shakespeare and Technology

Cohen, Adam Max


Table of contents
1. “[W]here We Lay Our Scene”: the Critical Landscape and the Elizabethan-Jacobean Technology Boom
Adam Max Cohen
2. Englishing the Globe: Navigational Technology on and Around Shakespeare’s Stages
Adam Max Cohen
3. “We Live in a Printing Age”: Shakespeare and the Print Revolution

Okabayashi, Kensuke - Manga For Dummies, ebook

Manga For Dummies

Okabayashi, Kensuke


  You’ll build your skills as you draw animals, mythical creatures, superheroes, teenagers, and villains—along with their weapons, cars, and homes. Soon you’ll be inventing your own characters and placing them in stylish poses and stirring action