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Bailey, Olga G. - Transnational Lives and the Media, ebook

Transnational Lives and the Media

Bailey, Olga G.


Diaspora, Multiculturalism and Transnational Media: The Case of Zee TV
Shehina Fazal
4. Art in the Age of Siege
Nikos Papastergiadis
5. Re-Imagining Diaspora Through Ethno-Mimesis: Humiliation, Human Dignity and Belonging
Maggie O’Neill

Kaul, Chandrika - Communications, Media and the Imperial Experience, ebook

Communications, Media and the Imperial Experience

Kaul, Chandrika


Table of contents
1. Communications, Media and the Imperial Experience: Perspectives and Perceptions
Chandrika Kaul
2. Coronation, Colonialism and Cultures of Control: The Delhi Durbar, 1911
Chandrika Kaul
3. India as Viewed by the American Media: Chicago Daily Tribune, William Shirer and Gandhian Nationalism,

Bortoluzzi, Maria - Transmedia Crime Stories, ebook

Transmedia Crime Stories

Bortoluzzi, Maria


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Transmedia Crime Stories
Lieve Gies, Maria Bortoluzzi
Part I. The Making of Amanda Knox
2. What’s in a Name? The UK Newspapers’ Fabrication and Commodification of Foxy Knoxy
Atalanta Goulandris,…

Grieves, Kevin - Journalism Across Boundaries, ebook

Journalism Across Boundaries

Grieves, Kevin


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Kevin Grieves
2. Transnational Journalism in Europe
Kevin Grieves
3. Conflict and Commonality
Kevin Grieves
4. Crossing Boundaries of Established Journalistic Routines
Kevin Grieves
5. Regional Transborder Journalistic Content and the Mainstream-Niche Tension