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Hamera, Judith - Dancing Communities, ebook

Dancing Communities

Hamera, Judith


Dancing Other-Wise: Ethics, Difference and Transcendence in Hae Kyung Lee and Dancers
Judith Hamera
6. Conclusion: Dancing Communities — Ideas of Order, Queer Intimacies, Civic Infrastructure
Judith Hamera

Bennett, Andy - Neo-Tribes, ebook


Bennett, Andy


Reconciling Neo-Tribes and Individualism: The Transcendence and Construction of Self Through Peak Music Experiences
Ben Green
Section IV. Digital Media & Social Networks
12. Belonging and Neo-Tribalism on Social Media Site Reddit
Brady Robards

Dubost, Thierry - Perspectives on Contemporary Irish Theatre, ebook

Perspectives on Contemporary Irish Theatre

Dubost, Thierry


From Dementia to Utopia: Tragedy and Transcendence in Frank McGuinness’s The Hanging Gardens
Matthieu Kolb
4. Women and Scarecrows: Marina Carr’s Stage Bodies
Mary Noonan
5. McDonagh’s “True, Lonesome West”
Maria Isabel Seguro

Tymieniecka, Anna-Teresa - Temporality in Life as Seen Through Literature, ebook

Temporality in Life as Seen Through Literature

Tymieniecka, Anna-Teresa


Table of contents
1. A Temporal Chora
Alira Ashvo-Munoz
2. Literature and the Sense of the Past
Aria Omrani
3. “A Moment in Timelessness”: Ben Okri’s Astonishing the Gods (1995; 1999)
Rosemary Gray
4. A Mode of Recollection in African Autobiography
Tony E. Afejuku
5. “In an Instant