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Gerrard, Steven - The Carry On Films, ebook

The Carry On Films

Gerrard, Steven


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Steven Gerrard
2. Everything Has a Beginning
Steven Gerrard
3. The Carry On Saga
Steven Gerrard
4. ‘Carry On, Sergeant!’
Steven Gerrard
5. Heroes, Rogues and Fools: The Carry On Men
Steven Gerrard
6. Hottentots and Harridans: The Carry On Women

Shen, Simon - Redefining Nationalism in Modern China, ebook

Redefining Nationalism in Modern China

Shen, Simon


‘Accidentalizing’ a Nationalist Conflict: The Spy Plane Collision Incident (April 2001)
Simon Shen
4. Response to US Patriotism: The 9/11 Incident and the War in Afghanistan (September–December 2001)
Simon Shen
5. Happy Division of Labour: The

Kord, Susanne - Contemporary Hollywood Masculinities, ebook

Contemporary Hollywood Masculinities

Kord, Susanne


Table of contents
1. Introduction
1. Introduction
Susanne Kord, Elisabeth Krimmer
2. Lawlessness and Disorder: Cops and Other Serial Killers
Susanne Kord, Elisabeth Krimmer
3. Fathers, Crises, and Nations
Susanne Kord, Elisabeth Krimmer
4. Cowboys, Myths, and Audiences
Susanne Kord, Elisabeth

Schwanebeck, Wieland - Reassessing the Hitchcock Touch, ebook

Reassessing the Hitchcock Touch

Schwanebeck, Wieland


Table of contents
1. Introducing the Hitchcock Touch
Wieland Schwanebeck
Part I. Hitchcock’s Films
2. Facing the Past as Well as the Future: Music and Sound in Hitchcock’s Early British Sound Films
Claudia Bullerjahn
3. Between Caméra Stylo and the Making of Images: Hitchcock’s Cinematographers

Aldama, Frederick Luis - Latinos and Narrative Media, ebook

Latinos and Narrative Media

Aldama, Frederick Luis


From El Mariachi to Spy Kids?: A Cognitive Approach
Sue J. Kim
14. Latino Sci-Fi: Cognition and Narrative Design in Alex Rivera’s Sleep Dealer
Christopher González
15. Latino Comics: Javier Hernandez’s El Muerto as an Allegory of Chicano Identity

Jelača, Dijana - The Cultural Life of Capitalism in Yugoslavia, ebook

The Cultural Life of Capitalism in Yugoslavia

Jelača, Dijana


Against Capitalism from the Stalinist Cellar: The Balkan Spy in the Post-Yugoslav Context
Ivan Velisavljević
10. The Contested Place of the Detached Home in Yugoslavia’s Socialist Cities
Brigitte Normand
11. Yugoslavia Looking Westward: Transnational