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Fleming, Rob - Space Planning Basics, ebook

Space Planning Basics

Fleming, Rob


Proper space planning goes way beyond sketching a preliminary floor plan. Successful implementation includes a balanced integration of code compliance, system support, and adherence to the client’s functional needs. Sustainability adds a new, important layer of complexity.

Berry, Chris - Public Space, Media Space, ebook

Public Space, Media Space

Berry, Chris


Cairo Diary: Space-Wars, Public Visibility and the Transformation of Public Space in Post-revolutionary Egypt
Mona Abaza
6. Shanghai’s Public Screen Culture: Local and Coeval
Chris Berry
7. iPhone Girl: Assembly,

Tompkins, Joanne - Unsettling Space, ebook

Unsettling Space

Tompkins, Joanne


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Spatial Coordinates
Joanne Tompkins
2. Mapping Australian Space in Theatre
Joanne Tompkins
3. Monuments
Joanne Tompkins
4. Contamination
Joanne Tompkins
5. The Borders of Identity
Joanne Tompkins
6. Conclusion: Haunted Pasts and Methektic Futures

Bennett, Michael Y. - Words, Space, and the Audience, ebook

Words, Space, and the Audience

Bennett, Michael Y.


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Words, Space, and the Audience
Michael Y. Bennett
2. Victorian Ideals: Wilde Performances in the Importance of Being Earnest and Salome
Michael Y. Bennett
3. After the Great War: Contextualizing the Self in Italy and Six Characters in Search of an Author
Michael Y. Bennett