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Jamali, Dima - CSR in the Middle East, ebook

CSR in the Middle East

Jamali, Dima


Corporate Environmental Responsibility in Jordan: The Potential and Limits
Muna Y. Hindiyeh, Malyuba Abu-Daabes, Haitham E. Salti
8. The Development of CSR Reporting in the Middle East
Jeannette Vinke, Aida El-Khatib
9. The AUB Neighborhood Initiative:

Tucker, Aaron - Interfacing with the Internet in Popular Cinema, ebook

Interfacing with the Internet in Popular Cinema

Tucker, Aaron


With a Great Data Plan Comes Great Responsibility: The Enmeshed Web 2.0 Internet User
Aaron Tucker
7. Don’t Shoot the (Instant) Messenger: The Efficient Virtual Body Learns
Aaron Tucker
8. The Reel/Real Internet: Beyond Genre and the Often Vulnerable

Gronstad, Asbjorn - Film and the Ethical Imagination, ebook

Film and the Ethical Imagination

Gronstad, Asbjorn


Table of contents
Part I. Ethics
1. Introduction
Asbjørn Grønstad
2. From an Ethics of Transgression to a General Ethics of Form
Asbjørn Grønstad
3. Optics as an Ethics
Asbjørn Grønstad
4. The Return of Ethics in Literary Studies
Asbjørn Grønstad
5. Screen Ethics before the Ethical

Arntfield, Michael - Gothic Forensics, ebook

Gothic Forensics

Arntfield, Michael


Hyde: Criminal Responsibility and Psychogeography
Michael Arntfield
8. The Picture of Dorian Gray: The Psychopathy Checklist and the Dark Triad
Michael Arntfield
9. The House by the Churchyard: Forensic Anthropology and Investigative Countermeasures

Giroux, Henry A. - America on the Edge, ebook

America on the Edge

Giroux, Henry A.


Henry Giroux on Critical Pedagogy and the Responsibilities of the Public Intellectual
Henry A. Giroux
Part I. America Under Siege
2. The Conservative Assault on America
Henry A. Giroux
3. Democracy and the Crisis of Public Education
Henry A.

Cottle, Simon - Reporting Dangerously, ebook

Reporting Dangerously

Cottle, Simon


Safeguarding Journalists and the Continuing Responsibility to Report
Richard Sambrook
10. Conclusion: Ways Forward
Simon Cottle, Richard Sambrook, Nick Mosdell