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Morley, Jacqueline - Castles, A Very Peculiar History, ebook

Castles, A Very Peculiar History

Morley, Jacqueline


Whether you're planning your first seige, building a fortress or just looking for a way to escape the peasants below, 'Castles: A Very Peculiar History' is full of tips, tricks and horror stories from the castle-building trade. We can't all match up to…

Handicott, Ben - 50 Museums to Blow Your Mind, ebook

50 Museums to Blow Your Mind

Handicott, Ben


Never drag your heels around a dull museum again! Then & now // History museums Acropolis Museum // Greece British Museum // UK Forbidden City // China Goethe House & Goethe Museum // Germany Imperial War Museum // UK Museum of Alchemists & Magicians of Old Prague // Czech Republic Museum

Kunze, Peter C. - The Films of Wes Anderson, ebook

The Films of Wes Anderson

Kunze, Peter C.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Peter C. Kunze
2. The Short Films of Wes Anderson
Nicole Richter
3. Cast of Characters: Wes Anderson and Pure Cinematic Characterization
Kim Wilkins
4. The Jellyfish and the Moonlight: Imagining the Family in Wes Anderson’s Films
Steven Rybin
5. “Max Fischer