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Dodds, Sherril - Dancing on the Canon, ebook

Dancing on the Canon

Dodds, Sherril


‘Naughty but Nice’: Re-Articulations of Value in Neo-Burlesque Striptease
Sherril Dodds
8. Pogoing, Headbanging and Skanking: Economies of Value in Dancing Subcultures
Sherril Dodds
9. ‘There’s a Land That I’ve Heard About’: Envisioning

Meinel, Dietmar - Pixar's America, ebook

Pixar's America

Meinel, Dietmar


“You Better Play Nice”: Digital Enchantment and the Performance of Toyness in Toy Story (1995)
Dietmar Meinel
3. An Animated Toast to the Ephemeral: The Multicultural Logic of Late Capitalism in Toy Story 2 (1999)
Dietmar Meinel
4. A Story of Social

Brodskaya, Nathalia - Nicolas de Staël, ebook

Nicolas de Staël

Brodskaya, Nathalia


Il vit alors à Nice où il rencontre Alberto Magnelli, Jean Arp, Sonia Delaunay et Robert Delaunay qui inspirent ses premières peintures abstraites, les Compositions. En 1943 (sous l'occupation nazie), De Staël retourne à Paris. Il rencontre alors Braque et une

Bennett, Andy - Neo-Tribes, ebook


Bennett, Andy


‘It’s Been Nice, but We’re Going Back to Our Lives’: Neo-Tribalism and the Role of Space in a Gay Resort
Oskaras Vorobjovas-Pinta
6. Young People, Gap Year Travel and the Neo-Tribal Experience
Andy Bennett, Novie Johan
7. Neo-Tribalism Outside

Koeck, Richard - The City and the Moving Image, ebook

The City and the Moving Image

Koeck, Richard


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Projecting the Urban
Richard Koeck, Les Roberts
Part I. Projecting the City: Place, Space and Identity
2. ‘Old World Traditions … and Modernity’ in Cunard’s Transatlantic Films, c. 1920–35: Making Connections between Early Promotional Films and Urban Change