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Everett, Wendy  - European Identity in Cinema, ebook

European Identity in Cinema

Everett, Wendy


The identity of European cinema, like the identity of Europe itself, is multiple, complex, and fascinating. Providing both a general survey of contemporary European cinema production, distribution and exhibition and detailed critical analysis of specific

Arapoglou, Eleftheria - Racial and Ethnic Identities in the Media, ebook

Racial and Ethnic Identities in the Media

Arapoglou, Eleftheria


Identity and Status: Disentanglements of US Discourses of Color and Ethnicity
13. The Sexy Aging Black Woman in US Advertisements: From Aunt Jemima to the Pro-Age Campaigns
Saskia Fuerst
14. Difference, Diversity, and the Discourse(s) of Color: Rereading

Alcoff, Linda Martín - Identity Politics Reconsidered, ebook

Identity Politics Reconsidered

Alcoff, Linda Martín


Reconsidering Identity Politics: An Introduction
Linda Martín Alcoff, Satya P. Mohanty
2. Disability Studies and the Future of Identity Politics
Tobin Siebers
3. On a Critical Realist Theory of Identity
Rosaura Sánchez
4. Reclaiming Left Baggage:

Sofaer, Joanna - Material Identities, ebook

Material Identities

Sofaer, Joanna


Material Identities examines the way that individuals use material objects as tools for projecting aspects of their identities.
Considers the way identity is fashioned, launched, used, and admired in the material world. Contributors intervene from

Broadhurst, Susan - Identity, Performance and Technology, ebook

Identity, Performance and Technology

Broadhurst, Susan


Identities — New Epistemologies and Ontologies
2. Improvising Artists, Embodied Technology and Emergent Techniques
Andrew Bucksbarg, Selene Carter
3. Shifting Listening Identities – Towards a Fluidity of Form in

Sellers-Young, Barbara - Belly Dance, Pilgrimage and Identity, ebook

Belly Dance, Pilgrimage and Identity

Sellers-Young, Barbara


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Belly Dance: Transmission in Popular Culture
Barbara Sellers-Young
2. Egypt: Place of Pilgrimage, Place of Home
Barbara Sellers-Young
3. Dancing the Goddess in Popular Culture: Resistance, Spirituality…

Celli, Carlo - National Identity in Global Cinema, ebook

National Identity in Global Cinema

Celli, Carlo


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Carlo Celli
2. China’s Confucian, Misogynistic Nationalism
Carlo Celli
3. Finland’s Rural-Urban Split
Carlo Celli
4. A Certain (Suicidal) Tendency in French Cinema
Carlo Celli

Mutch, Deborah - The Modern Vampire and Human Identity, ebook

The Modern Vampire and Human Identity

Mutch, Deborah


Table of contents
1. Introduction: ‘A Swarm of Chuffing Draculas’: The Vampire in English and American Literature
Deborah Mutch
2. Blood, Bodies, Books: Kim Newman and the Vampire as Cultural Text
Keith Scott
3. Buffy vs. Bella:…

Bailey, Steve - Media Audiences and Identity, ebook

Media Audiences and Identity

Bailey, Steve


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Media, Culture and the Self
Steve Bailey
2. Media and Self-Construction: Theoretical Issues
Steve Bailey
3. Every Freak Needs a Show: Polyvalent Subjectivity and a Local Underground Film Scene

Marranci, Gabriele - Understanding Muslim Identity, ebook

Understanding Muslim Identity

Marranci, Gabriele


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Gabriele Marranci
2. Fundamentalism Debated
Gabriele Marranci
3. Reading Islamic Fundamentalism: Theories, Theorems and Kernels of Truth
Gabriele Marranci
4. The Ethos of Justice: Emotions,…