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Sihra, Melissa - Women in Irish Drama, ebook

Women in Irish Drama

Sihra, Melissa


Woman as Fantasy Object in Lady Gregory’s Historical Tragedies
Paul Murphy
3. Writing Women for a Modern Ireland: Geraldine Cummins and Susanne Day
Velma O’Donoghue Greene
4. The Space Outside: Images of Women in Plays by Eva Gore-Booth and Dorothy

Ceccarelli, Marco - New Activities For Cultural Heritage, ebook

New Activities For Cultural Heritage

Ceccarelli, Marco


Table of contents
1. On the History of the Theory of Plough
Vera Chinenova
2. The Plumb Board in the Missing Panel: A New Key for Understanding the Renaissance Symbolism in the Gubbio Studiolo
Vincenzo Ambrogi, Pier Gabriele Molari
3. Designing and Prototyping Reconstruction of Musician Automata