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Fabbretti, Roberto - Drawing Horses, ebook

Drawing Horses

Fabbretti, Roberto


Within this book you will find a simple, fun and effective method to learn basic drawing techniques in order to draw beautiful horses in an easy way. With this complete manual you will achieve incredible results just by following simple steps.

Pitcher, Colette - Acrylic Painting For Dummies, ebook

Acrylic Painting For Dummies

Pitcher, Colette


Following a simple step-by-step approach, Acrylic Painting For Dummies provides hands-on instruction and easy-to-follow exercises in acrylic painting techniques and styles, making the medium accessible to would-be artists at all

Biggin, Rose - Immersive Theatre and Audience Experience, ebook

Immersive Theatre and Audience Experience

Biggin, Rose


Table of contents
1. Immersive Theatre, Immersive Experience
Rose Biggin
2. Interactivity and Immersion: Theoretical Approaches
Rose Biggin
3. Interactivity and Immersion in The Drowned Man
Rose Biggin
4. Fan Interactivity: Communicating Immersive Experience
Rose Biggin
5. Follow the Story:

Fabbretti, Roberto - Drawing Dogs, ebook

Drawing Dogs

Fabbretti, Roberto


In order to achieve this, we just need to follow a logical and rational method. This book reveals how to draw cats taking as a reference the skeleton of the animal. After this, the drawing will be made through its association with geometrical figures. Everybody is

 - Code of Practice for Programme Management: In the Built Environment, ebook

Code of Practice for Programme Management: In the Built Environment


The CIOB Code of Practice Programme Management for Construction & Development is intended to complement the popular CIOB Code of Practice for Project Management for Construction and Development, providing practical coverage of general processes and procedures to be followed when managing

Brodskaya, Nathalia - Gauguin, ebook


Brodskaya, Nathalia


This book invites the reader to follow the visionary painter Paul Gauguin from France to exotic Tahiti, guided by his colourful masterpieces. Featuring a collection of both iconic and less well-known works by this influential artist, the book highlights Gauguin's famously erotic, primitive

Chappell, David - The Architect in Practice, ebook

The Architect in Practice

Chappell, David


The eleventh edition follows in that tradition. The text has been brought up to date to ensure it follows the new RIBA Plan of Work 2013 as the guide to the architect’s workflow. In addition, a number of changes to standard forms

Polo, Marco - The Book of Wonder, ebook

The Book of Wonder

Polo, Marco


Following in the footsteps of Marco Polo, the various illustrations found here will send the reader on the path to discovering the distant lands as we know them today.