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Mazierska, Ewa - Popular Music in Eastern Europe, ebook

Popular Music in Eastern Europe

Mazierska, Ewa


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Ewa Mazierska
Part I. State Policies and its Interpretation by Grassroots
2. Propagated, Permitted or Prohibited? State Strategies to Control Musical Entertainment in the First Two Decades of Socialist Hungary
Ádám Ignácz
3. Pop-Rock and Propaganda During the Ceaușescu

Imre, Anik? - A Companion to Eastern European Cinemas, ebook

A Companion to Eastern European Cinemas

Imre, Anik?

From 53,55€

A Companion to Eastern European Cinemas showcases twenty-five essays written by established and emerging film scholars that trace the history of Eastern European cinemas and offer an up-to-date assessment of post-socialist film cultures.Showcases critical

Rubin, Barry - Lebanon, ebook


Rubin, Barry


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Barry Rubin
2. Reflections on Lebanon
William Harris
3. What Makes Lebanon a Distinctive Country?
Eli Fawaz
4. Lebanon’s Militia Wars
Tony Badran
5. Lebanon’s Roller Coaster Ride

Jalil, Zubaidah Abdul - Media in the Middle East, ebook

Media in the Middle East

Jalil, Zubaidah Abdul


Table of contents
Part I. On Media Activism and Political Involvement
1. Revisiting Cyberactivism Six Years after the Arab Spring: Potentials, Limitations and Future Prospects
Sahar Khamis
2. Constructing an Alternative Public Sphere: The…

Moghadam, Valentine M. - Empowering Women after the Arab Spring, ebook

Empowering Women after the Arab Spring

Moghadam, Valentine M.


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Deconstructing Women’s Empowerment in the Middle East and North Africa
Marwa Shalaby
Part I. Islamic Law and Gender Equality
2. Interrogating the “Shari’a” Excuse: Religious Reasoning, International…

Hemer, Oscar - In the Aftermath of Gezi, ebook

In the Aftermath of Gezi

Hemer, Oscar


Table of contents
1. In the Aftermath of Gezi: Introduction
Oscar Hemer, Hans-Åke Persson
2. What Emerged in the Gezi Park Occupation in Istanbul?
Asu Aksoy
3. The Politics of Protest
Anita Sengupta
4. Violent Communication…

Hegasy, Sonja - The Social Life of Memory, ebook

The Social Life of Memory

Hegasy, Sonja


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Memory Between Lieu and Milieu
Norman Saadi Nikro, Sonja Hegasy
2. A Life of Waiting: Political Violence, Personal Memories, and Enforced Disappearances in Morocco
Laura Menin
3. The Civil War’s…