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Arntfield, Michael - Gothic Forensics, ebook

Gothic Forensics

Arntfield, Michael


The House of the Seven Gables: Wrongful Convictions and Secondary Deviation
Michael Arntfield
3. Bleak House: Authorship Attribution and Suspectology
Michael Arntfield
4. “The Murders in the Rue Morgue”: Forensic

Schweitzer, Marlis - Performing Objects and Theatrical Things, ebook

Performing Objects and Theatrical Things

Schweitzer, Marlis


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Object Lessons
Marlis Schweitzer, Joanne Zerdy
Part I. Archival Digs
2. Technology and Wonder in Thirteenth-Century Iberia and Beyond
Christopher Swift
3. “Nothing but a string of beads”: Maud Allan’s Salomé Costume as a “choreographic thing”
Marlis Schweitzer

Charles, Victoria - Vincent van Gogh, ebook

Vincent van Gogh

Charles, Victoria


He wanted to show his friend as many pictures as possible and decorate the Yellow House. But Gauguin did not share his views on art and finally returned to Paris. On 7 January, 1889, fourteen days after his famous self-mutilation, Vincent left the hospital where he