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Karatzogianni, Athina - The Digital Transformation of the Public Sphere, ebook

The Digital Transformation of the Public Sphere

Karatzogianni, Athina


Introduction: The Digital Transformation of the Public Sphere
Athina Karatzogianni, Dennis Nguyen, Elisa Serafinelli
Part I. Theorising Migration, Crisis, Culture and Conflict in the Digital Public Sphere
2. The Public Sphere: Migration of Normative Principles

Jahn-Sudmann, Andreas - Computer Games as a Sociocultural Phenomenon, ebook

Computer Games as a Sociocultural Phenomenon

Jahn-Sudmann, Andreas


Can Games Get Real? A Closer Look at ‘Documentary’ Digital Games
Ian Bogost, Cindy Poremba
3. Emotional Design of Computer Games and Fiction Films
Doris C. Rusch
4. ‘Applied Game Theory’: Innovation, Diversity, Experimentation in Contemporary

Prato, Giuditta - Digital Media Worlds, ebook

Digital Media Worlds

Prato, Giuditta


Moving to Digital Media Worlds: Three Successive Transformational Waves
Jean Paul Simon
3. Production, Consumption and Innovative Business Models
Jean Paul Simon
4. Media in the Changing Media-IT-Telecom Ecosystem
Jean Paul Simon
5. Toward Enabling

Clarke, Andy  - Videogames and Art, ebook

Videogames and Art

Clarke, Andy


The collection provides both an overview of the field, positioning it within a social and commercial context with reference to other forms of digital and pictorial art, and to the mainstream videogames industry. The book details specialized areas of the subject

Attrill, Alison - Applied Cyberpsychology, ebook

Applied Cyberpsychology

Attrill, Alison


Applying Psychology within Games Development: What Can the Gaming Industry Learn from the Discipline?
Linda Kaye
12. Military and Defence Applications
Coral Dando, Claire Tranter
13. Social Media Impact on Organisations
Johanna Myddleton, Chris

Hotho, Sabine - Changing the Rules of the Game, ebook

Changing the Rules of the Game

Hotho, Sabine


HR Issues in the Computer Games Industry: Survival at a Price
Sue Shaw, Gill Homan
9. How Funny Are Games? Violent Games Content and Studio Well-Being
Patrick Stacey, David Thomas,

Ronchi, Alfredo M. - eCulture, ebook


Ronchi, Alfredo M.


Computer Games, Edutainment and Theme Parks
14. Customer Relationship Management
15. Smart Labels, Smart Tags and RFID
16. Standards and Protocols for Interoperability
17. Data Tags and the Semantic Web
18. Ambient Intelligence
19. Long-Term Preservation