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Jelača, Dijana - The Cultural Life of Capitalism in Yugoslavia, ebook

The Cultural Life of Capitalism in Yugoslavia

Jelača, Dijana


Introduction: Cultural Capitalism the (Post)Yugoslav Way
Dijana Jelača, Maša Kolanović, Danijela Lugarić
Part I. Capital(ism) and Class Cultures
2. The Strange Absence of Capital(ism)
Stipe Grgas
3. Fictions of Crime in a State of Exception

Fisher, Eran - Media and New Capitalism in the Digital Age, ebook

Media and New Capitalism in the Digital Age

Fisher, Eran


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Technology Discourse and Capitalist Legitimation
Eran Fisher
2. Capitalism, Technology, and the Digital Discourse
Eran Fisher
3. Contemporary Technology Discourse
Eran Fisher
4. Network Market
Eran Fisher
5. Network Work
Eran Fisher
6. Network Production

Garritano, Carmela - A Companion to African Cinema, ebook

A Companion to African Cinema

Garritano, Carmela


An authoritative guide to African cinema with contributions from a team of experts on the topic
A Companion to African Cinema offers an overview of critical approaches to African cinema. With contributions from an international panel of experts, the…

Lewis, Jeff - Crisis in the Global Mediasphere, ebook

Crisis in the Global Mediasphere

Lewis, Jeff


Grand Fraud: New Capitalism, Fantasy and Financial Crisis
Jeff Lewis
4. Reckless Desire: Love, Sexuality and Infinite Bliss
Jeff Lewis
5. Global Inequalities: Changing World Conditions
Jeff Lewis
6. The Shadow and the Fawn: Sustainable Nature

Meinel, Dietmar - Pixar's America, ebook

Pixar's America

Meinel, Dietmar


An Animated Toast to the Ephemeral: The Multicultural Logic of Late Capitalism in Toy Story 2 (1999)
Dietmar Meinel
4. A Story of Social Justice? The Liberal Consensus in Monsters, Inc. (2001)
Dietmar Meinel
5. “From Rags to Moderate Riches”: The