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Karraker, Meg Wilkes - The Other People, ebook

The Other People

Karraker, Meg Wilkes


Human Trafficking, Migration, and Gender
Jennifer K. Blank
5. The Ripple Effects of Deportation Policies on Mexican Women and Their Children
Joanna Dreby
6. Parent-Child Relationships in Hmong Immigrant Families in the United States
Zha Blong Xiong,

Hernandez-Reguant, Ariana - Cuba in the Special Period, ebook

Cuba in the Special Period

Hernandez-Reguant, Ariana


Spiritual Capital: Foreign Patronage and the Trafficking of Santería
Kevin M. Delgado
2. Plural Nation
5. Multicubanidad
Ariana Hernandez-Reguant
6. Preemptive Nostalgia and La Batalla for Cuban Identity: Option Zero Theater
Laurie Frederik

Downman, Scott - Journalism for Social Change in Asia, ebook

Journalism for Social Change in Asia

Downman, Scott


Human Trafficking, People Smuggling, Refugee Migration and the News Media
Scott Downman, Kasun Ubayasiri
5. Smuggled or Trafficked: The Story of the Rohingya
Scott Downman, Kasun Ubayasiri
6. Human Rights Reporting, War Crimes and Refugee Migration

Dutt, Bishnupriya - Gendered Citizenship, ebook

Gendered Citizenship

Dutt, Bishnupriya


Laws and Marginalised Bodies: Sex Trafficking, Child Labour and Circus as a Site of Negotiations
Aastha Gandhi, Bishnupriya Dutt
17. Sexuate Agency and Relationality in Witnessing Kashmir Violence
Inshah Malik, Manola K. Gayatri