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Servaes, Jan - Sustainable Development and Green Communication, ebook

Sustainable Development and Green Communication

Servaes, Jan


Socio-cultural Perspectives on Sustainability of Sexually Transmitted Diseases, HIV and Pregnancy Prevention among Thai Students in Bangkok
Patchanee Malikhao
10. Factors that Stand in the Way of Green Communication in Africa
Henri-Count Evans

Raphael, Raphael - Transnational Horror Cinema, ebook

Transnational Horror Cinema

Raphael, Raphael


Towards a Southeast Asian Model of Horror: Thai Horror Cinema in Malaysia, Urbanization, and Cultural Proximity
Mary J. Ainslie
10. Planet Kong: Transnational Flows of King Kong (1933) in Japan and East Asia
Raphael Raphael
11. Embodying Spectral Vision

Meeuf, Russell - Transnational Stardom, ebook

Transnational Stardom

Meeuf, Russell


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Russell Meeuf, Raphael Raphael
Part I. Discussing Transnational Stardom
2. A Panel Discussion on Transnational Stardom
Mary Beltran, Corey Creekmur, Sangita Gopal, Raphael Raphael
Part II. Hollywood Stars, Transnational Contexts
3. John Wayne’s Japan: International