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Tsang, Steve - The Vitality of Taiwan, ebook

The Vitality of Taiwan

Tsang, Steve


Table of contents
1. Forces Behind the Vitality of Taiwan
Steve Tsang
2. The Resilience and Dynamism of Taiwan’s Democratic System
Shelley Rigger
3. Social Foundations of Political Vitality
Hsin-Huang Michael Hsiao
4. Literature’s…

Lemke, Sieglinde - Class Divisions in Serial Television, ebook

Class Divisions in Serial Television

Lemke, Sieglinde


Reality TV and Its Audiences Reconsidered: Class and Poverty in Undercover Boss (CBS)
Tanja Aho
6. Lifestyle Precarity and Creative Class Affirmation in Girls
Eric C. Erbacher
7. House of Lies and the Management of Emotions