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Marshall, Jonathan W. - Performing Neurology, ebook

Performing Neurology

Marshall, Jonathan W.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Jonathan W. Marshall
2. Charcot, Spectacle, and the Mise en Scène of the Salpêtrière
Jonathan W. Marshall
3. Building the Stage and Materializing the Archetype
Jonathan W. Marshall
4. The…

Chadee, Derek - The Social Psychology of Nonverbal Communication, ebook

The Social Psychology of Nonverbal Communication

Chadee, Derek


Nonverbal Neurology: How the Brain Encodes and Decodes Wordless Signs, Signals, and Cues
David B. Givens
3. Neuroscience of Nonverbal Communication
Milkica Nešić, Vladimir Nešić
4. Measuring Gestures
David B. Givens
5. Nonverbal Elements