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Brown, Robert Kevin - Facility Management, ebook

Facility Management

Brown, Robert Kevin

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From the moment it was first published, Facility Management became the ultimate reference for facility and design professionals who want to create a productive workplace that corresponds to the short- and long-term goals of their corporation. This Second Edition provides complete, fully

Beumers, Birgit - A Companion to Russian Cinema, ebook

A Companion to Russian Cinema

Beumers, Birgit


A Companion to Russian Cinema provides an exhaustive and carefully organised guide to the cinema of pre-Revolutionary Russia, of the Soviet era, as well as post-Soviet Russian cinema, edited by one of the most established and knowledgeable scholars in…

Ballantyne, Andrew - Architectures: Modernism and After, ebook

Architectures: Modernism and After

Ballantyne, Andrew


Presents crucial "moments" in the history of the field when the architecture of the past is made to respond to new and changing cultural circumstances. Provides a view of architectural history as a part of a continuing dialogue between aesthetic criteria and social

Boros, Diana - Creative Rebellion for the Twenty-First Century, ebook

Creative Rebellion for the Twenty-First Century

Boros, Diana


The Power of Creative Moments in Everyday Life: Marcuse, Revolution Through Art, and a Critique of Everyday Life
Diana Boros
7. Recent Experiments with Public and Interactive Art, New York City and Beyond, 2008–2011
Diana Boros

Marie, Michel - The French New Wave: An Artistic School, ebook

The French New Wave: An Artistic School

Marie, Michel


The French New Wave: An Artistic School is a lively introduction to this critical moment in film history by one of the world's leading scholars on the New Wave.
Provides a concise account of the French New Wave by one of the world's leading film scholars. Outlines the essential traits

Miles, Adrian - Digital Media and Documentary, ebook

Digital Media and Documentary

Miles, Adrian


Table of contents
1. Thirteen Points of View from Afar
Adrian Miles
2. Moments of Noticing: ‘I See You’ as a Speculative Work Towards an Essayistic List Practice for Interactive Documentary
Hannah Brasier
3. Documentary, Instructions, and Experiences of Place
Bettina Frankham
4. The Documentary

Ebbrecht-Hartmann, Tobias - Docudrama on European Television, ebook

Docudrama on European Television

Ebbrecht-Hartmann, Tobias


Italian Docudrama: From the Experimental Moment to Biography as Text of Identity
Milly Buonanno
5. French Docudrama: ‘Patrimony Television’ and ‘Embedded Biopic’
Georges Fournier
6. Spanish Docudrama: Of Heroes and Celebrities