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Sterritt, David - Spike Lee's America, ebook

Spike Lee's America

Sterritt, David

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Spike Lee has directed, written, produced, and acted in dozens of films that present an expansive, nuanced, proudly opinionated, and richly multifaceted portrait of American society. As the only African-American filmmaker ever to establish a world-class career, Lee

Jones, Lee - ASEAN, Sovereignty and Intervention in Southeast Asia, ebook

ASEAN, Sovereignty and Intervention in Southeast Asia

Jones, Lee


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Lee Jones
1. Theorising Sovereignty and Intervention
2. Theorising Sovereignty and Intervention
Lee Jones
Part I. The Cold War
3. The Social Foundations of ASEAN and ‘Non-Interference’
Lee Jones
4. East Timor: ASEAN and Third-World Colonialism
Lee Jones

Lee, David - Independent Television Production in the UK, ebook

Independent Television Production in the UK

Lee, David


Networks, Social Capital and the Burden of Performativity
David Lee
7. Independent Creativity
David Lee
8. Commercialisation, Consolidation and Cultural Value: The Restructuring of the British Independent Television

Pecic, Zoran Lee - New Queer Sinophone Cinema, ebook

New Queer Sinophone Cinema

Pecic, Zoran Lee


Zoran Lee Pecic
2. Thirdspace of East Palace, West Palace
Zoran Lee Pecic
3. Crossing Time and Space: Female Desire in Yan Yan Mak’s Butterfly
Zoran Lee

Lee, Vivian P. Y. - Hong Kong Cinema Since 1997, ebook

Hong Kong Cinema Since 1997

Lee, Vivian P. Y.


Part III. In and Out
8. Migrants in a Strange City: (Dis-)Locating the China Imaginary
Vivian P. Y. Lee
9. Outside the Nation: The Pan-Asian Trajectory of Applause Pictures
Vivian P. Y. Lee