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Rojas, Rafael - Essays in Cuban Intellectual History, ebook

Essays in Cuban Intellectual History

Rojas, Rafael


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Rafael Rojas
2. José Martí and the First Cuban Republicanism
Rafael Rojas
3. The Moral Frontier
Rafael Rojas
4. Fernando Ortiz:Transculturation and Nationalism
Rafael Rojas
5. Orígenes…

Ng, Edwin - Buddhism and Cultural Studies, ebook

Buddhism and Cultural Studies

Ng, Edwin


Of Intellectual Hospitality, Buddhism and Deconstruction
Edwin Ng
5. The ‘Religious Question’ in Foucault’s Genealogies of Experience
Edwin Ng
6. The Care of Self and Spiritually Engaged Cultural Studies
Edwin Ng
7. A Foucauldian Analysis

Artaraz, Kepa - Cuba and Western Intellectuals since 1959, ebook

Cuba and Western Intellectuals since 1959

Artaraz, Kepa


British Intellectuals And The Cuban Revolution: Neutralism Or Revolution?
Kepa Artaraz
Part II. Cuba in the Imagination of the New Left: Three Examples
6. French Intellectuals And Cuba: A Revolutionary Working Model?

Montero, José A. Losada - Rerouting Galician Studies, ebook

Rerouting Galician Studies

Montero, José A. Losada


Rerouting Galician Studies: Intellectual Cartographies of the USA
José A. Losada Montero
2. Putting Queerness on the Map: Notes for a Queer Galician Studies
Danny M. Barreto
3. Blue Atlantic: Gilroy and Galicia

Corneliussen, Hilde G. - Gender-Technology Relations, ebook

Gender-Technology Relations

Corneliussen, Hilde G.


Table of contents
1. Disrupting the Impression of Stability in Gender-Technology Relations
Hilde G. Corneliussen
2. Changing Images of Computers and Its Users since 1980
Hilde G. Corneliussen
3. Discursive Developments within Computer…

Flanagan, Martin - Bakhtin and the Movies, ebook

Bakhtin and the Movies

Flanagan, Martin


Dialogism and Film Studies: The Dialogic Spectator
Martin Flanagan
3. Chronotope I: Time, Space, Narrative — ‘Get Ready for Rush Hour’
Martin Flanagan
4. Chronotope II: Time, Space and Genre in the Western Film
Martin Flanagan
5. Polyphony:

Lehrer, Erica - Curating Difficult Knowledge, ebook

Curating Difficult Knowledge

Lehrer, Erica


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Witnesses to Witnessing
Erica Lehrer, Cynthia E. Milton
Part I. Bearing Witness between Museums and Communities
2. “We were so far away”: Exhibiting Inuit Oral Histories of Residential Schools