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Baumbach, Sibylle - The Fascination with Unknown Time, ebook

The Fascination with Unknown Time

Baumbach, Sibylle


Introducing Time to Ethnographic Displays: Narrative Strategies of Revealing the Unknown in German Ethnological Museums
Katja Wehde
8. “God’s Time Is the Best:” The Fascination with Unknown Time in Urban Transport in Lagos
Daniel E. Agbiboa

Klinkel, Sven - Seismic Design of Industrial Facilities, ebook

Seismic Design of Industrial Facilities

Klinkel, Sven


Seismic Design of Mechanical and Electrical Components According to Safety Standard KTA 2201 of the German Nuclear Safety Standards Commission
Matthias Wacker
22. Seismic Qualification of Equipment in Industrial Facilties
Carsten Block, Thomas Bauer, Fritz-Otto