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Martinez, D. P. - Remaking Kurosawa, ebook

Remaking Kurosawa

Martinez, D. P.


Table of contents
1. Setting the Scene
D. P. Martinez
2. Portrait of an Artist as Filmmaker
D. P. Martinez
3. Rashomon: The Problem of Subjectivity
D. P. Martinez
4. Remaking Rashomon: From Subjectivity to “the” Truth

Lansdale, Janet - Decentring Dancing Texts, ebook

Decentring Dancing Texts

Lansdale, Janet


Table of contents
1. Intertextual Narratives in Dance Analysis
Janet Lansdale
2. Betraying History? An Historiographic Analysis of The Judas Tree (1992)
Alexandra Carter
3. Unbalancing the Authentic/Partnering Classicism: Shobana Jeyasingh’s…

Hubble, Nick - Mass Observation and Everyday Life, ebook

Mass Observation and Everyday Life

Hubble, Nick


Table of contents
1. Introduction: The Mass-Observation Project
Nick Hubble
2. Historical Background
Nick Hubble
3. The Space of Former Heaven
Nick Hubble
4. The Intellectuals and the Masses
Nick Hubble
5. Early Mass-Observation

Paller, Michael - Gentlemen Callers, ebook

Gentlemen Callers

Paller, Michael


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Michael Paller
2. The Signs Are Interior
Michael Paller
3. The Time and World That I Live In
Michael Paller
4. Something Kept on Ice
Michael Paller
5. A True Story of Our Time

Hamera, Judith - Dancing Communities, ebook

Dancing Communities

Hamera, Judith


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Dancing the City
Judith Hamera
2. Intimacies in Motion
Judith Hamera
3. Corporeal Chronotopes: Making Place and Keeping Time in Ballet
Judith Hamera
4. ‘Saving’ Khmer Classical Dance in…

Clarke, Colin - Post-Colonial Trinidad, ebook

Post-Colonial Trinidad

Clarke, Colin


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Colin Clarke
2. Settling In
Colin Clarke, Gillian Clarke
3. Taking Soundings
Colin Clarke, Gillian Clarke
4. Conversations
Colin Clarke, Gillian Clarke

Briginshaw, Valerie A. - Writing Dancing Together, ebook

Writing Dancing Together

Briginshaw, Valerie A.


Table of contents
Section 1. Against the Grain: Sexuality and Ballet Criticism
1. Dancing Dicks — A Case In Point(e)
Valerie A. Briginshaw
2. Modernism, Masculinity and Sexuality in Nijinsky’s L’Après-midi d’un faune

Forcellino, Antonio - Leonardo: A Restless Genius, ebook

Leonardo: A Restless Genius

Forcellino, Antonio


He spans the great breadth of Leonardo’s genius, discussing his contributions to mechanics, optics, anatomy, geology and metallurgy, as well as providing acute psychological observations about the political dynamics and social contexts in which Leonardo worked.