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Uldam, Julie - Civic Engagement and Social Media, ebook

Civic Engagement and Social Media

Uldam, Julie


Formal Modes of Civic Engagement and Cooperation with Institutional Actors
2. Online Activism, CSR and Institutional Change
Frank G. A. Bakker
3. Why Some Political Opportunities Succeed and Others Fail: Bridging Organizational Levels in the Case of Spanish

Breed, Ananda - Performance and Civic Engagement, ebook

Performance and Civic Engagement

Breed, Ananda


Performance, Place and Culture for Civic Engagement in Kyrgyzstan
Ananda Breed
15. ‘Mr President, Open the Door Please, I Want to Be Free’: Participatory Walking as Aesthetic Strategy for Transforming a Hostage Space
Luis C. Sotelo Castro
16. Artistic

Brisson, Irene E. - Ground Rules in Humanitarian Design, ebook

Ground Rules in Humanitarian Design

Brisson, Irene E.


While these international initiatives remain largely ad hoc, this book provides parameters for engagement and establishes best practices for approaching these projects with a global perspective. With expert insight and practical strategies on the ground, Ground Rules

Facos, MIchelle - A Companion to Nineteenth-Century Art, ebook

A Companion to Nineteenth-Century Art

Facos, MIchelle


A comprehensive review of art in the first truly modern century
A Companion to Nineteenth-Century Art contains contributions from an international panel of noted experts to offer a broad overview of both national and transnational developments, as…