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Winders, James A. - Paris A<Emphasis Type="Italic">fricain</Emphasis>, ebook

Paris Africain

Winders, James A.


Table of contents
Part I. Apparent Embrace: Les Années Quatre-Vingt
1. Sub-Saharan African Musicians in Paris and the Recent History of French Immigration
James A. Winders
2. New Immigrants, New Music, 1981–1985
James A. Winders

Danesi, Marcel - X-Rated!, ebook


Danesi, Marcel


Table of contents
1. X-Power: American Pop Culture as a Theater of the Profane
Marcel Danesi
2. V-Power: The Feminine Form and Pop Culture
Marcel Danesi
3. Logo-Power: The Role of Branding and Advertising in Pop Culture

Woland, Jake - Site Engineering Workbook, ebook

Site Engineering Workbook

Woland, Jake


Developed to complement the Sixth Edition of Site Engineering for Landscape Architects, Site Engineering Workbook serves as a learning resource for students by providing study questions, practice problems, and diagrams designed to reinforce site engineering…