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Mazierska, Ewa - Popular Music in Eastern Europe, ebook

Popular Music in Eastern Europe

Mazierska, Ewa


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Ewa Mazierska
Part I. State Policies and its Interpretation by Grassroots
2. Propagated, Permitted or Prohibited? State Strategies to Control Musical Entertainment in the First Two Decades of Socialist Hungary
Ádám Ignácz
3. Pop-Rock and Propaganda During the Ceaușescu

Slade, Christina - Watching Arabic Television in Europe, ebook

Watching Arabic Television in Europe

Slade, Christina


Arabic Citizens of Europe: Nativism, Formal and Cultural Citizenship
Christina Slade
4. Europe Remediated: A Transnational Public Sphere?
Christina Slade
5. Television Diaries: Arabic Media Consumption in the EU
Christina Slade
6. ‘Arabic

Cesari, Jocelyne - Why the West Fears Islam, ebook

Why the West Fears Islam

Cesari, Jocelyne


Securitization of Islam in Europe: The Embodiment of Islam as an Exception
Jocelyne Cesari
6. How Islam Questions the Universalism of Western Secularism
Jocelyne Cesari
7. Salafization of Islamic Norms and Its Influence on the Externalization of Islam

Heiduschke, Sebastian - East German Cinema, ebook

East German Cinema

Heiduschke, Sebastian


The Birth of DEFA Genre Cinema, East German Sci-fi Films, New Technologies, and Coproduction with Eastern Europe: Der schweigende Stern (Silent Star, Kurt Maetzig, 1960)
Sebastian Heiduschke
9. Film Censorship, the East

Hutchings, Stephen - Russia and its Other(s) on Film, ebook

Russia and its Other(s) on Film

Hutchings, Stephen


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Stephen Hutchings
Part I. Russia Represents the Other
2. Scant Sign of Thaw: Fear and Anxiety in the Representation of Foreigners in the Soviet Films of the Khrushchev Years
Julian Graffy
3. ‘The Italians are Coming!’ Italy and the ‘Other’ in Soviet Cinema

Sadurski, Wojciech - Rights Before Courts, ebook

Rights Before Courts

Sadurski, Wojciech


The Model of Constitutional Review in Central and Eastern Europe: An Overview
2. Constitutional Courts in Search of Legitimacy
3. The Model of Judicial Review and its Implications
4. Constitutional Courts and Legislation

Burki, Shahid Javed - Transforming Socialist Economies, ebook

Transforming Socialist Economies

Burki, Shahid Javed


Table of contents
Part I. Introduction
1. Transforming the State in Socialist Economies
Shahid Javed Burki
2. Cuba’s Economic Transition: Successes, Deficiencies, and Challenges
Jorge I. Domínguez
Part II. Rush to Market
3. Russia’s Reforms: Lessons from the Old Patron
Svetlana Vtyurina

Itoh, Mayumi - Japanese Wartime Zoo Policy, ebook

Japanese Wartime Zoo Policy

Itoh, Mayumi


Zoos in Eastern Japan and World War II
Mayumi Itoh
4. Zoos in Western Japan and World War II
Mayumi Itoh
5. Zoos in Central Japan and World War II
Mayumi Itoh
6. Zoos in Southwestern Japan and Japan’s Exterior Territories and World War II