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Thomas, J. Dennis - Nikon D300 Digital Field Guide, ebook

Nikon D300 Digital Field Guide

Thomas, J. Dennis


Along with detailed instructions on using every feature, it provides full-color images of menu screens, helps you select lenses, and offers guidance for getting magnificent images in many situations.

Lowrie, Charlotte K. - Canon EOS 5D Digital Field Guide, ebook

Canon EOS 5D Digital Field Guide

Lowrie, Charlotte K.


You?ll discover how to set the metering mode to get the results you expect, explore the qualities and effects of each type of lens and accessory, and what to pack in your gear bag (along with this book) for every shooting scenario.

Schweitzer, Marlis - Transatlantic Broadway, ebook

Transatlantic Broadway

Schweitzer, Marlis


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Marlis Schweitzer
2. Networking the Waves: Ocean Liners, Impresarios, and Broadway’s Atlantic Expansion
Marlis Schweitzer
3. Along the Wires: Telegraphic Performances and the Wiring of Broadway
Marlis Schweitzer
4. White Collar Broadway: Performing the Modern Office

Sizeranne, Robert de la - Pre-Raphaelites, ebook


Sizeranne, Robert de la


In the Victorian era, England – swept along by the Industrial Revolution, the Pre-Raphaelite fold, William Morris, and the Arts and Crafts movement – aspired to return to traditional values. Wishing to resurrect the pure and noble forms of the Italian Renaissance, a group of painters

Heinänen, Salla - The designer's touch in Turku, ebook

The designer's touch in Turku

Heinänen, Salla


It contains a design spotting route with nearly 30 different sights along with a small description of each one. This booklet has been complied in honour of the Capital of Culture for 2011 and the Finnish Association of Designers Ornamo 100-year anniversary, and it

Eimert, Dorothea - Art of the 20th century, ebook

Art of the 20th century

Eimert, Dorothea


This astoundingly thorough survey of art's modern era showcases all of the key artistic movements of the 20th century, from Fauvism to Pop Art, featuring illustrative examples of some of the most renowned works of the era along with illuminating companion essays by expert