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Kidd, John B. - Infrastructure and Productivity in Asia, ebook

Infrastructure and Productivity in Asia

Kidd, John B.


The Dynamics of Large Asian Corporate and Family Conglomerates
Ali Mirza
6. The Business Costs of Terrorism and Its Impact on Doing Business in Asia
Nara Srinivasan
7. Improving Road Administration in the Asia-Pacific

Backman, Michael - Asia Future Shock, ebook

Asia Future Shock

Backman, Michael


Wanted! 250 Million Wives: Asia’s Shocking Gender Imbalance
Michael Backman
13. Asia’s Meaningless Borders
Michael Backman
14. Growing Family Breakdown in Asia
Michael Backman
15. China Builds an Economic Bloc based on Corruption

Tsang, Steve - The Vitality of Taiwan, ebook

The Vitality of Taiwan

Tsang, Steve


Table of contents
1. Forces Behind the Vitality of Taiwan
Steve Tsang
2. The Resilience and Dynamism of Taiwan’s Democratic System
Shelley Rigger
3. Social Foundations of Political Vitality
Hsin-Huang Michael Hsiao
4. Literature’s…

Lo, Alex - Carbon Trading in China, ebook

Carbon Trading in China

Lo, Alex


Table of contents
1. New Episode
Alex Lo
2. Political Economy of Carbon Trading
Alex Lo
3. Political and Policy Background
Alex Lo
4. Who Is Leading? State or Finance?
Alex Lo
5. Policy Change, Discourse, and Storyline

Watanabe, Mariko - Recovering Financial Systems, ebook

Recovering Financial Systems

Watanabe, Mariko


Macroeconomic Stability and Seigniorage for Fiscal Revenue: East Asia versus Eastern Europe and the CIS
Koichiro Kimura
3. The Effects of Changes of Policy Tool during the Transition Period in China
Masahiro Kodama
4. The Inter-Provincial Capital Flows

Li-Hua, Richard - Competitiveness of Chinese Firms, ebook

Competitiveness of Chinese Firms

Li-Hua, Richard


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Richard Li-Hua
2. Redefining Competitiveness
Richard Li-Hua
3. Innovation with Chinese Characteristics
Richard Li-Hua
4. China’s High-speed Rail Phenomenon
Richard Li-Hua
5. Embracing…

Cheng, Shi - China’s Rural Industrialization Policy, ebook

China’s Rural Industrialization Policy

Cheng, Shi


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Shi Cheng
Part I. Rural Industrialization under State Monopoly Control
2. Shifting in the Land Reform Campaign
Shi Cheng
3. Sprouting in the Cooperative Campaign
Shi Cheng
4. Great Leap Forward…

Rongxing, Guo - How the Chinese Economy Works, ebook

How the Chinese Economy Works

Rongxing, Guo


Spatial Economics and Development Strategy
Guo Rongxing
9. Industrialization and Technological Progress
Guo Rongxing
10. The Quest for Sustainable Development
Guo Rongxing
11. International Economic Influences
Guo Rongxing
12. The Greater